Border Collie Rescues in Washington (WA)

Ravensgate Border Collie Rescue


PO Box 146
Stanwood, WA 98292

Phone Number:


Email Address:

Facebook Page:

If you know of any other border collie rescues to add to the list, please email me at and I will add them. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Border Collie Rescues in Washington (WA)”

  1. I am looking for a Border Collie puppy.
    I raised a border collie from 7 weeks old until he was 15 years old. I loved him very much ❤️ please call
    I want another Border Collie puppy or border collie mix puppy.

  2. Judy,
    I have to rehome my Border Aussie. Her name is Ayla, she is 4months old, birthdate 12/24/20. She has had all of her shots, is house-trained and sleeps in a kennel at night. She is super smart.
    It breaks my heart to have to give her up. My brother died last month of cancer; and now my 83 year old mother is sick. I cannot properly take care of both her and a very active puppy.
    My number is 360-941-8319.


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