Is a Border Collie Right for Me? (Quiz)

By Austin F

Are you wondering if a border collie is the right dog for you?

Border collies are amazing dogs that make amazing pets, but for some people, they just might not be a perfect match. They require lots of daily exercise, attention, and care. They are the smartest breed of dog and when they don’t get the stimulation they need, it shows.

If you are wondering whether or not a border collie is right for you, then take this quiz to find out!

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Is a Border Collie Right for Me? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

43 thoughts on “Is a Border Collie Right for Me? (Quiz)”

  1. I’ve currently got two Mini Australian Shepherds. I had three before these. Unfortunately they’re a very popular breed so the price is out of my range. I’ve known several Border Collies and I’m thinking about getting one in the future.

    The five Mini Aussies has always had obedience, Rally and agility and I plan on the same for a Border Collie. I may be getting old but I refuse to let the arthritis win the battle. Having an acre of land I plan on playing ball and disc as well.


  2. My Border collie is 12years,I had him when he was a 7 weeks old p u p. He still as 2walks a day but is no longer able to jump into the csr.boot do, so we have stoped going to his obedience display training snd also fly ball .


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