Is a Border Collie Right for Me? (Quiz)

Are you wondering if a border collie is the right dog for you?

Border collies are amazing dogs that make amazing pets, but for some people, they just might not be a perfect match. They require lots of daily exercise, attention, and care. They are the smartest breed of dog and when they don’t get the stimulation they need, it shows.

If you are wondering whether or not a border collie is right for you, then take this quiz to find out!

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Is a Border Collie Right for Me? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

14 thoughts on “Is a Border Collie Right for Me? (Quiz)

  1. My boarder is 14 months now . Yes I know he’s a collie lol . But any advice to take the chassing out of him he a good recall but easily distracted to birds . Iv tried everything for 10 months now . Help would be appreciated. I have had collies befor. Thanks

  2. I was lucky enough to have my shepherd border collie mix for 13 years. He was a certified therapy dog and worked with me at the hospital for most of his life. Dutch was like a miniature human. He was smart, quirky, fund and serious. I will never have another dog with such a great personality….

    • Aw, Dutch sounds like he was a great dog. Collies are truly like little miniature humans with their own unique personalities!

  3. I have a border collie, he is so cute and sweet, he will listen to me when training, he is very obedient for me however when my husband and I are driving and he gets frightened he tries to get to my husband who is driving, he will not allow me to console him he gets aggressive and attacks me and bites me how do I get him to trust me enough to comfort him as well?

    • Hi Donna, have you considered that he might be scared in the car? If it is an issue then you should try putting him in his crate in the car or just don’t bring him along at all. I think it takes a lot of time, patience, and work to get him to trust you once he is fight or flight mode. I have a hard time with it as well, so I just do what I can to avoid putting my bc in those kinds of situations.

  4. Hi Austin, thanks for your brilliant posts, just what I had been looking for. We have a 19mth old border collie Yogi Bear and his pet hate is joggers, if he sees them in the park he chases after them trying to nip them. so therefore we now walk him on a long leash which is a shame as we cant play catch or let him run free, but the puzzling thing is on the leash he doesnt bother them at all he just ignores them and carries on sniffing or whatever .

    • Very interesting, Terrie! My pup seems to hate anything that moves on wheels LOL. Bikes, scooters, skateboards, you name it.

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